Practice eHealth Incentives are changing. Are you ready?
Practices must now upload a shared health summary for a minimum of 0.5% of their Standardised Whole Patient Equivalent (SWPE) count per quarter. To assist you, MedicalDirector has developed a new PIP Shared Health Summary Calculator to help you track how many shared health summaries have been uploaded.


Improved practice efficiency and safety through enhanced patient management features
  • Recalls and Reminder
    • The revamped recalls and reminder system allows users to save and set default search criteria, select multiple doctors from search criteria window and save and export search results. Users can also easily filter and sort on any column within the recall and reminder system, such as recall reasons, statuses, contact, etc…
    • Any attempts to contact the patient are recorded and searchable, allowing users to easily search and identify patients that need further follow-up.
    • For sites using MedicalDirector PracSoft in conjunction with MedicalDirector Clinical, appointments made against a recall will be recorded and searchable from the Recalls module.
  • SMS
    • Ability to send SMS for recall reminders and results notifications.
  • Messenger
    • Create new groups to facilitate sending group messages, allowing for a team care approach within the practice.
    • Users can now save important clinical messages exchanged via Messenger to the patient’s clinical file enabling improved clinical documentation.
Improved data handling and recording capability
  • Patient demographics
    • When recording patient details, you are now able to specify the patient’s Gender as Not Stated, Male, Female, Intersex/Other or that the patient is Transgender.
    • Patients who are Not Stated, Intersex/Other or Transgender will now be able to access clinical features that are gender specific to Male or Female.
  • Progress notes
    • Differentiate between levels of interaction with the patient by recording the ‘Visit Type’ in the progress notes section of the patient file.
New clinical features for quality patient care
  • Australian Defence Force (ADF) Post-discharge GP Health Assessment
    • The ADF Post-discharge GP Health Assessment has been designed by DVA to assist GPs identify and diagnose the early onset of physical and/or mental health problems among former serving members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF).
    • The wizard based implementation within MedicalDirector Clinical, provides a simple yet intuitive workflow for GPs to complete the assessment.
  • HealthLink forms
    • Subscribe and send third party forms/templates through the HealthLink forms interface
    • The form templates are prepopulated with patient information from MedicalDirector Clinical saving time for the practice.
    • All HealthLink forms can be submitted electronically or saved as a draft and tracked as per practice requirements for improved patient management
Improved integration with third-party application
  • Link File Processor (LFP)
    • The Link File Processor (LFP) utility is often used with MedicalDirector Clinical in conjunction with a 3rd Party Front Desk application for continuous demographic synchronisation.
    • The LFP has been updated to work as a Windows Service, whilst retaining the system tray icon. Previously, MedicalDirector computers using the LFP would require the user to log into Windows to activate the utility. This change still requires the user turn the computer on, but no longer requires the user to log into the computer to achieve the same functionality.
Experience the evolving product performance
  • As part of our commitment, further improvements to general performance have been made to the MedicalDirector products.
MedicalDirector Clinical 3.16 is Windows 10 compatible
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